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LEVEL: Desktop is a web-based application designed for dads who are participating in the Fatherhood Academy online or in their community. LEVEL: Desktop is an interactive fatherhood management tool with all the features of the Personal LEVEL journal and many additional. It makes parenting richer and more meaningful for fathers. Fathers can manage the day-to-day demands of fatherhood whether they are at work, home or the library. It keeps dads organized, gives access to important fatherhood information and enhances relationships.

LEVEL: Desktop consist of 3 sections (Fatherhood Relationships, Fatherhood Academy and Tools.) Click on one of the icons to the left or right to learn about the features and benefits of using LEVEL: Desktop's
Fatherhood Relationships and Fatherhood Academy sections. Click one of the 4 icons at the bottom to "Learn more" about the Tools section. Click on the "LEVEL: Desktop Overview" image at the top to watch a video about LEVEL: Desktop.


Fathers can see the most recent personal notes and reminders. Learn more


Fathers can see their latest uploaded documents such as report cards. Learn more


Fathers can quickly review their recently added family pictures. Learn more


Fathers can view the current changes to their personal information. Learn more
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