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Father’s Time is a California-based computer software manufacturer and book publishing company. We provide innovative solutions to the parenting industry with a focus on fatherhood. Father's Time offers a new way for fathers to look at fatherhood, plan for fatherhood, interact with their family and children, and master their daily roles and responsibilities.

The goal at Father's Time is to put "joy" back into fatherhood by celebrating each and every father who is striving for fatherhood excellence. To accomplish this goal, Father’s Time has created the world’s first interactive Fatherhood Platform. This platform is a combination of the Fatherhood Legacy book, the Fatherhood Academy curriculum and LEVEL, a multi-product fatherhood support system.

Father’s Time offers an exciting service through our Father’s Time Advisory Team. This team is made up of 10 professionals who utilize their expertise to help fathers achieve success in the 10 most important areas of their lives. The Fatherhood Advisory Team works hand-in-hand with another community-based group of professionals called the Community Advisory Team. These community-based teams are a unique blend of father-friendly experts and supporters prepared to help fathers address questions, concerns and other matters that plague their lives.
The Community Advisory Teams are geographically specific and can be formed in any region. We want fathers to succeed!

Our vision at Father's Time is to see all men, from every community, equipped with the necessary and appropriate tools to be an excellent father.


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