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 Fatherhood Legacy (Online Custom Edition)
 Fatherhood Legacy (Standard Edition)

 Fatherhood Academy Curriculum
 Lesson   1: Spirituality  $9.99
 Lesson   2: Health
 Lesson   3: Family  $9.99
 Lesson   4: Appearance  $9.99
 Lesson   5: Dwelling  $9.99
 Lesson   6: Mobility  $9.99
 Lesson   7: Education  $9.99
 Lesson   8: Profession  $9.99
 Lesson   9: Leisure  $9.99
 Lesson 10: Wealth  $9.99
 Personal LEVEL 2009 Edition

 LEVEL: Desktop & Mobile (Basic)
 LEVEL: Desktop & Mobile (Premium) monthly
 Business LEVEL - for trainers
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Both LEVEL: Desktop and LEVEL: Mobile are FREE and fully functional. This public beta has been made available for feedback purposes. It is targeted to  fathers, organizations and our beta-testers who want to get a jump-start on our new platform. Our goal is to gain feedback before advancing to the next stage in our development process.


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