A Legacy for Life

What do you remember most about your father? How strong is the relationship between you and your children? How well does your son or daughter understand fatherhood or a man’s role in a home? Have you mastered your role as a father? Where did you learn your fatherhood skills? Explore these questions and many more in the Fatherhood Legacy book.

Fatherhood Legacy is about allowing your children to get to know you - from your favorite color to your biggest dream or worst mistake. It’s about throwing your inhibitions to the wind and allowing your children to connect with you like never before. Upon doing so, prepare for one of the greatest experiences you have ever felt – the laughs, tears, joy and pains of fatherhood.

Fatherhood Legacy unleashes the power fathers need to create a foundation through love, communication, leadership, commitment and interaction. This book can be completed by you or handed to your son or daughter as a heirloom. You can finish it in one sitting or over a span of time. Together, you will travel through 100 thought-provoking and family-engaging questions strategically placed into 10 “Life Value” categories.

This book is for every father - married, divorced, separated, stepfather, grandfather, uncle, brother, friend or mentor.  Allow it to be a fun way to reveal yourself, strive for fatherhood excellence and create a long-lasting bond.

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