Fatherhood Academy
The fatherhood Academy is a 10 lesson, 2-hour class for fathers that are excited about taking their fatherhood to the next level. This uniques curriculum was designed to celebrate fathers and put the joy back into fatherhood.

The Fatherhood Academy elevates fathers to their rightful standing by acknowledging their worth, influence and importance.  This course was designed to help fathers overcome the everyday challenges of balancing themselves, their family and the lives of their children.  

By reclaiming a laser-focus and realigning values with life skills, communication ability and conflict resolution, fathers will experience incredible growth and development like never before.

Every father's journey is different. In addition to married, divorced, separated and widowed fathers, there are father-figures that are 18 years of age, who are single with no children, but have the responsibility of nurturing siblings or other family members.

There are also grandfathers, uncles, brothers, friends and mentors fulfilling the role of father-figure on a full or part-time basis. The Fatherhood Academy was designed to help all of these fathers. So, whether you are new to fatherhood or a seasoned veteran, the Fatherhood Academy has something to offer every dad.

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