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Travel to your local news stand, Barnes & Nobles or Borders Books and what do you see in the men’s section; sports, cars, fishing and nudity. Fatherhood is not represented in anyway, shape or form. The same cannot be said for the women or children’s section. Do fathers read? Are their any magazines for dads? Do fathers care about this important topic?

Imagine a world where all men are exemplifying what it truly means to be a father. Men happily living up to their divine roles for their children and family, providing generational impact.

Having a good father to model behavior after and learn values from often provides the foundation for a man’s future as a father.  Without such an influence and role model, it can be nearly impossible to be the best father you can be. Fathers that fear fatherhood, fathers that are struggling with fatherhood and really good fathers all have one thing in common; they love their children and they are desperately looking for ways to take their fatherhood to the next level.  This enormous need is not being satisfactorily addressed anywhere.

One of the missions of Father's Time is to put “joy” back into fatherhood. One of the ways we plan to accomplish this goal is through the Father's Time Magazine. Every quarter, subscribing fathers get sent a magazine filled with articles written to dads, about dads, from dads across the nation and in our community. Its a down-to-earth publications that addresses the basics of fatherhood and the complexities of our journey.

Father's Time Magazine

     The Father's Time magazine is a quarterly publication created exclusively for fathers. A sneak preview edition was introduced on August 1, 2009. There are currently 50 thousand copies in circulation. The content of the magazine is based on the 10 Life-Values that are covered in Fatherhood Legacy and the Fatherhood Academy. The first official edition will be distributed on March 31, 2010 and will be circulated throughout Southern California. Over one thousand families have already pre-ordered their copy. Learn more
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